My First Publication

The following article was published recently:

Nielsen, M., Kapitány, R., & Elkins, R. (2014). The Perpetuation of Ritualistic Actions as Revealed by Young Children’s Transmission of Normative Behavior.Evolution and Human Behavior.

I am the second author, and it is my first publication. Most of the experimentation involved in this study was conducted by Rosie Elkins, an honours student at the time. I became involved at quite a late stage, when my supervisor, Mark Nielsen, asked me to read the manuscript (as much for practice as anything else). He and I have been discussing the nature of ritual and overimitation for some time, and I offered my thoughts on the topic. Though I did not anticipate earning myself an authorship (after all, the majority of the work had already been completed), Mark considered my contributions to be of enough merit to include me – both as a contributor on subsequent revisions, and ultimately as an author. This was quite surprising, but very satisfying.

In order to communicate what it is exactly this research is about, I have created the following video (and intend to do so for all my publications). I have tried to pitch the video at a lay level, and so I gloss over specific methodologies and the nuance of the statistical analysis.

As I am not the primary author of this research, I am not providing the data. Associate Professor Mark Nielsen should be contacted for such information. If you are interested in reading the article, please visit my list of publications.