My First-First Publication

Sure, it’s not my first publication, but it is my first first-author publication.

If you want the cliffs-notes please watch the video, but if you want the reference or the full document, please follow this link or see below:

Kapitány, R., & Nielsen, M. (2015). Adopting the ritual stance: The role of opacity and context in ritual and everyday actions. Cognition, 145, 13-29.



Since the thrust of the paper is available in at least two modalities already, I won’t spend any more words explaining what I did and what I found. Instead, I’ll simply point you to the data hosted on Open Science Framework.

I’ll make one final comment. This story hasn’t yet ended. I have a manuscript in preparation that explores the limits of the effect, and I’m currently running an experiment to validate the effect behaviourally. Slightly more far-sightedly, I’m working on elucidating (and then testing) the mechanism by which this effect is bought about. Though for that discussion you’ll have to wait until the next manuscript is published.

I will make the stimulus available in the very near future (8/9/2015).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or criticisms here.