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Academic Publications


Kapitány, R., & Nielsen, M. (2017). Are Yawns really Contagious? A Critique and Quantification of Yawn Contagion. Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology, 1-22.

Data/models available upon request; forthcoming.

Kapitány, R., Kavanagh, C., Buhrmester, M., Newson, M., & Whitehouse, H (Submitted; SPPS). Ritual, Identity Fusion, and the Inauguration of President Trump: A natural pseudo-experiment of Ritual Modes Theory.



Kapitány, R., & Nielsen, M. (2016). The Ritual Stance the Precaution System: The role of goal demotion and opacity in ritual and everyday actions. Religion, Brain, and Behavior.

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Wilks, M., Kapitány, R., & Nielsen, M. (2016). Preschool’s Children’s Learning Proclivities: When the Ritual Stance Trumps the Instrumental Stance. British Journal of Developmental Psychology. 



Kapitány, R., & Nielsen, M. (2015). Adopting the Ritual Stance: The role of opacity and context in ritual and everyday actions. Cognition.

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Nielsen, M., Kapitány, R., & Elkins, R. (2015). The Perpetuation of Ritualistic Actions as Revealed by Young Children’s Transmission of Normative Behavior. Evolution and Human Behavior.

Data not available.

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Current Projects

Kapitány, R., & Nielsen, M. (In Prep). The Ritual Stance: Development in cross-cultural contexts.

Kapitány, R., Nelsen, N., & Goldstein, T. (Writing and Analysis). A Longitudinal Study of Children’s Endorsement of Real and non-Real Agents.

Kapitány, R., & Nielsen, M. (Data Collection). Children and Supernatural Oversight.

Kapitány, R., Nielsen, M, Watson-Jones, R., & Legare, C. (Data Collection). The Cost of Group Belonging in Children.

Kapitány, R. (programming). An Agent-Based approach to CREDs: Examining ultimate and proximal causes.


Popular Publications

Kapitany, R. (2013). Science in the News. Australian Rationalist, (Summer), 24-25. (download)

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