Research Overview

I am currently actively pursuing three lines of research:

The Adaptive Value of Self-Deception

In 2012 I completed my Honours year project. I, and my supervisor Prof. Bill von Hippel, investigated the adaptive value of Self-Deception. In 2013 we continue to pursue our findings with two additional experiments. This research is driven by the 2011 publication, The Evolution and Psychology of Self-Deception (von Hippel and Trivers, 2011).

Status: Data collection

The Sacredness and Value of Love

In late 2011, Liesel Zink and I began a non-academic collaboration and dialogue between the science of Psychology and the art of Dance. We began approaching the topic of ‘Love’ independently; I, as a researcher, and Liesel as an artist. In my research it became apparent that there was a certain hole in the literature on Love.

In early 2012 I proposed an experiment to my colleague and friend Dr. Shelli Dubbs regarding the material value and sacredness of Love.  Over time we involved Dr. Fiona Barlow who continued to inform the project. We are currently in the pilot testing phase, having just collected data from 200 participants on a series of self-report questionnaires.

Status: Data collection, pilot study

The Maintenance and Transmission of the Religious Memeplex

This is a project in the early stages of development, but which centres around the way religious ideas are retained, refined, believed, and/or perpetuated over time and throughout the life-span. Key figures exploring this question include Dr. Mark NielsenDr. Brock Bastian, and David Butler

Status: In development