From 2011 – 2013 I hosted, produced, and organized the Psychobabble podcast, a fortnightly 40-minute discussion of society from a psychological perspective. The topics were chosen to be timeless (like Christmas, or Artificial Intelligence) or topical (specific Mass Murder events). The Psychobabble podcast had a team of 5 – 8 regular co-hosts, each with their own special academic interest, who contributed to the show’s success. Over a 2 year period we produced 58 full episodes (and several smaller ‘shorts’) which were downloaded somewhere between 50, 000 – 60, 000 times (total).

Previous guests have included Dr. Ruth Schulz (Artificial Intelligence), Dr. Jason Tangen (Education), Dr. Blake McKimmie (Jury Decision Making) and Liesel Zink (Choreographer; Dance)


Selected shows include:

Ep39 – Dance (Psyculture I) 

Ep50 – Skinbags, or, Do Cyborgs Dream of Robotic Hands



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