The Dance/Psychology Project

The Psychology/Dance Project (Link)

Liesel Zink and I open a dialogue between the science of Psychology and the art and exposition of Dance. Previously we have discussed the junction of the two on Psychobabble.

As a dance artist who investigates human behaviour and social interaction through experiments and artwork in public space I have been fortunate to have an ongoing dialogue with Rohan Kapitany with a particular focus on the relationship between psychology and artistic research methods.

Our conversations have been incredibly engaging and inspiring for my own practice; not only is Rohan incredibly inquisitive but he is incredibly generous and open minded unlocking the potential for new collaborations and initiatives.

I also place great importance on Rohan’s interest in finding innovative ways to disseminate information to new and extensive audiences through his podcast, conversations over social networking and involvement in the Freethought and Rationalist groups. – Liesel Zink



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